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Brexit ready and waiting…

January 13th 2021

As Brexit becomes the reality, macrowill plastic engineering is re-assuring British-based customers existing and prospective about supply and pricing.

With its 6.5-acre UK distribution base, macrowill can continue to supply and deliver its full range of standard PE temporary protective film, without subject to any new customs duties: any such material now being imported from Europe manufacturers is likely to face a 6% levy.

“Most major British users of removable protective film do currently import their supplies,” observes Philip May, macrowill UK sales manager. “Post Brexit, that means they may be subjected to increased cost as such material will carry a 6% import duty. When you consider the volumes of material involved, that’s potentially a significant addition to production costs, and one which users can ill afford to try and absorb. As macrowill is not based in Europe, nor manufactures therein, there will be no such new levy on our material.”

Temporary protective film is crucial to minimise risk of surface damage during transit, processing, installation of extruded material, whether metal or plastic. Macrowill is uniquely positioned to work alongside UK producers and extruders:

- its UK distribution base is supported by a global network of sales and production facilities capable of manufacturing more than 420million m2 of PE peelable protective film.

- With recyclable base material, eco water-based adhesives and printing inks, macrowill films are sustainable

- In-house R&D enables rapid development of film to individual specification in thickness, tack strength, and in rolls from 25mm- 2500mm wide and 50m- 2000m long.

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