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Offsetting the hidden cost of damage in transit- the little thing that makes a world of difference

Profile manufacturer marketeers can get double the value from a transient element of their systems, as a result of eco-friendly options at macrowill plastic engineering.

Perhaps the single biggest threat to your business, when considering packaging, is that of transit damage. It can also be amongst your most significant packaging costs too.

It is not just the resultant scrap material that costs your business. What about the impact on customer relations? Depending how you handle it, at very least it is an inconvenience to your customer, at worst it can have significant impact on their business, leading to delay and even potentially causing implementation of penalty clauses for late completion.That can have an extremely negative impact on your customers’ satisfaction.

If that happens frequently, it can lead to a poor brand perception, and eventually limit your business’ potential for repeat sales and customer loyalty.

Often overlooked, is damage caused to surfaces by abrasion. This can be through excessive vibration and surface contact between product and packaging (or even product and product), and typically affects printed, polished or painted surfaces.

Imagine how cross you would be if you had paid a premium for a special paint or foil finish to your profile to have the extrusions arrive on site all scratched Or your stunning digitally printed graphic is spoilt by dust specks below so has to be scrapped.

Yet a little care and thought on the production line at the extrusion plant can play a significant part in eliminating those potential problems.

Investment of literally a fraction of a penny per linear metre on temporary protective film can reap £000s in ensuring your good arrive at their destination in pristine condition. That means happy customers. Happy customers are repeat customers, customers who recommend you. That creates a positive, profitable business.

Yet who even thinks about the protective film?

Too often, purchasing just goes for the cheapest. But the cheapest is not just the lowest cost per linear metre. The cheapest is the film that protects properly, can be removed easily and without effort. The film that avoids material being returned and avoids dissatisfied customers.

Getting it right takes little effort. At macrowill, we have the expertise to help you make the right choice. To consider the most appropriate specification- material thickness, width and length, tack strength, peel strength, even what message to be printed thereon:

And, in these days of environmental mindfulness, all of our films are recyclable. We use water-based adhesives and inks.

And, in these days of environmental mindfulness, all of our films are recyclable. We use water-based adhesives and inks.

So you’re not just protecting your business, you’re protecting the planet.

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